2017-Survival Tips in a post-Trump world–is it really that bad?

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It is so easy to be depressed these days. For some, the election of Donald Trump to President of the most powerful nation on earth has been met with hysterical denial, protests, anti-Trump rallies, Women’s marches, Meryl Streep, campus riots, and calls to arms. Trump has been called a fascist and demagogue, a madman who is a hairsbreadth away from pulling the nuclear trigger, where parents have to protect their children from the knowledge of who is president, and where the rest of the world, friend and foe alike, wait on tiptoes to see what he will do next. Will he trample on the rights of minorities, immigrants, refugees? Will he build a wall with Mexico? Will he challenge Putin and Iran?

For others, Donald Trump represents a reset to the world order, a time to make America great again, to restore confidence in a battered working class, to fight global terrorism, to renegotiate trade in America’s favour, and pride in the American people. It is hearkening back to a time when America was a more placid, homogeneous nation, where everyone knew his or her place, and where diversity meant 50 flavours of ice cream. It was a time where America was the world’s policeman, and fearlessly interfered in the domestic affairs of other nations, not to dominate or rule them, but to sell them Cokes and Big Macs. Some of us remember the sappy 1971 Coke commercial ” I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep the world in perfect harmony”; imagine trying to pitch that today–we live in ironic times, where Coke means a whitish powder whose effect on harmony is anything but.

But if you look back to 1971 when that Coke commercial was made, the world was not in perfect harmony. The U.S. was mired in Vietnam, The British were fighting the IRA, Pakistan and India were at war, Colombia was fighting FARC, New York City was beset by drugs, crime, and filth, and there were numerous instances of domestic and international terror, including the bombing of the U.S.Capitol building and the slaying of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics just one year later. And guess who was President then–Richard M. Nixon. Look him up, he was quite a guy.The only President who has ever had to resign, and with an enviable track record. He ended the military draft, the Vietnam War, founded the EPA, enforced desegregation of Southern Schools, opened diplomatic relations with China, among other things. He was also a complete creep.

My point is that we have to be very careful about how we see the world, how easily we can be manipulated and used by the media, who have their own agendas, but mostly to make money from as many eyeballs as possible. It doesn’t matter that there are one third fewer people are living below the poverty line, that healthcare outcomes and infant mortality rates have improved worldwide, that we are producing more food than ever to feed the world, and that hunger today is largely a fault of mismanagement, weak distribution and corruption.

The big losers today are the Mainstream Media (MSM). They failed to call Brexit, they missed the Trump victory, and they continue to miss the real story that is out there. Stay tuned.

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