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  • Dr Jack Muskat

Dear readers, I am what is known as a late adopter. I mean really late. I just got a great deal on a fax machine, have traded my Blackberry for an iPhone 4, have discovered 90’s grunge music, and the Junction in Toronto. I am about to open Facebook and Twitter accounts—though I draw the line at Tinder (my wife told me I can’t).

So why a blog? Simply put? To reach out to you in a more immediate way, to be able to comment on the issues that affect our lives on a daily basis, and by getting a bit more personal – sharing the interests and foibles of my own life, I’ll hopefully connect with yours in the process.  Many people think that just because I am psychologist I am immune to the frustrations, fears and struggles of the rest of us. Far from it. Just because I look at the world through a psychological lens doesn’t mean I am always better at dealing with it than you are. Those who know me will surely agree!

I love writing articles about psychology and leadership, and you are welcome to read them on my site. What you will see here is my thinking “unplugged”. I will be tackling issues large and small, from world politics to dog parks, from education, culture, and technology, to hated bosses, lazy workers, and stupid decisions. Like the game show Jeopardy I will be providing the answers, along with the questions. So let’s begin.

Our first Jeopardy category is World Politics for $200. And the answer is:  “Who is still President of the United States in 2017?



January 22nd, 2017|

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